10 Famous Granite Countertop Colors

Granite countertop colors have recently become one of the most important parts of a kitchen. Not only do they look good, but they also add to the overall aesthetic of your kitchen in a very strange yet wonderful way. That being said, your granite table also needs to have the right color the, in turn, to go well with the aesthetic that you have planned for your kitchen. So to help you make a better decision with respect to the color, here are ten of the most famous granite table top colors you can choose from.

1. Absolute Black Granite

Absolute black granite is a pure, dark and bold black color that contains a very consistent texture and color. The black color tends to compliment most kitchen settings that people have nowadays and is simply gorgeous to look at. Other names that this color goes by are nero absolute, telephone black, and jet black.

Absolute Black Granite Countertop

Photo Credit | Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.

2. Alaska White Granite

The Alaska White Granite color takes the meaning of the phrase “as white as snow” to another level. This color contains a varied mix of frosty whites and pale silvers, all of which compliment the Onyx hues and warm neutrals, all present in the granite. All of the aforementioned colors blend to make an amazing color that not only shines bright but also radiates with finesse and craftsmanship. It comes from Brazil with Green guard Indoor Air Quality certification.

Alaska White Granite Countertop

Photo Credit | Eminent Interior Design

3. White Ice Granite

White ice granite is a very different shade of white compared to its other counterparts. With a dull and somewhat dark look, the tiny traces of black tend to mesh perfectly with the bright white and pale steel grey colors. The granite is incredibly durable and can handle the harshest weather conditions in case you plan on adding it to your yard. White ice granite slabs are imported from Brazil and are available in polished finishing.

White Ice Granite Countertop

Photo Credit | Crafted Custom Homes + Renovations

4. Black Galaxy Granite

A must have for any art aficionado; the Black Galaxy Granite tends to look simple yet somewhat magical all at the same time. This specific granite color is simple due to the colors used in it. Black granite with small flecks and specs of gold and white scattered across the granite as though it were a canvas. This granite is exceptionally durable, which makes it a likely candidate for both exterior and interior use. It is shipped from India and it has another name: Star galaxy.

Photo Credit | R. B. Schwarz, Inc.

5. Moon White Granite

Moon white granite is a work of art thanks to brilliantly placed and intricate work. This granite features a bright white canvas with specks of ivory thrown about with hints of silvery grey and jet black seep across the granite. Moon white is also very durable, which makes it great for both indoor and outdoor usage. The granite is shipped from India and is also available in polished finishes.

Photo Credit | MS International

6. Palomino Granite

The Palomino granite is one of the most exotic slabs to grace the modern day market. The granite features a light brown color with small yet bold patches of white and thick curves of dark brown that mix to form a beautiful slab. Palomino is a very famous type of granite, which is why there are not many different names for it that you happen to hear on the market.

Palamino Granite Countertops

Photo Credit | Thomas Custom Builders

7. Giallo Napoleon Granite

Giallo Napoleon granite is also a very rare granite with very few variations in its dark gray texture with gold and yellow accents. It is also a granite color from Brazil, and is incredibly durable, making it great for both indoor and outdoor use.

Giallo Napoleon Granite Countertop

8. Typhoon Bordeaux Granite

The Typhoon Bordeaux granite is a beautiful granite color that combines gold and beige with very prominent and deep golden veins. It comes from Brazil and is incredibly durable, which makes it great for both interior and exterior work.

Typhoon Bordeaux Granite Countertop

Photo Credit | Granite Grannies

9. Giallo Ornamental Granite

The Giallo ornamental granite is one of the most beautiful granite that contains a creamy white background along with gray and brown veins that flow throughout the entire granite.

10. Bianco Antico Granite

This beautiful counter top features a gorgeous and soft gray background that gels perfectly with the pink and taupe flecks. It is extremely durable and simply wondrous to look at.

Photo Credit | Stonewood, LLC


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