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Most of you might not know this, but the transformation of marble dates as far back as the Jurassic times. There is a wide range of white marble colors that we have to offer. It is evident that white is the most identifiable color among almost everyone. People often choose a variation of white marble colors for their homes. One of the biggest reasons why most of us choose white is because it goes with almost any color and theme.

However, you might be surprised to find out that marbles are also available in other colors than white. Not only do they come in different colors, but they come in different shades as well.

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A Wide Variety of Marbles

People are often in search of different marble countertop colors for their kitchen and bathrooms. They do not know that there is a wide variety of marbles available in the market. Iron oxide, quartz, and mica are among some minerals combined to form the imperfect looks that we have come to love about marbles.

The colorful minerals that we see in the veiny marble patterns are region specific in color and composition. There are countless uses of marbles, be it for statues or soaring architectures. People resort to marble countertops now more than ever for use in their bathrooms and kitchens.

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The Surprisingly Many Colors of Marbles

The yellows of Calcutta gold marble, the grays of Arabescato marble, and the bluish hues of Blue Damasco marble are among a few of the colors you are free to choose for your marble countertops. A lot of you might not know this, but there is black marble as well.

This is a clear indicator of the full range of marble countertop colors you can choose from. You can easily make your kitchen look great by selecting a countertop that complements the color of your kitchen walls and cupboards.

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You can also choose book matched marbles to make any place look visually appealing. Moreover, you can give a dramatic look to your kitchen by choosing natural stone colors. Your options include Portoro genuine extra marble, Emperador golden marble, and Rainforest green marble.

Although the range of colors marble countertops has is far less than that of granite, but the veiny patterns found in them should be enough to convince you to buy them. Their capacity to stay cool makes them a solid contender for your kitchen.

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All in all, the marble countertop colors that we have are great. They are perfect for any place you want to install them. All you will have to do after installing these marble countertops is maintain them regularly. Hence, this entire process is simple for you.

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Therefore, waste no time and add grace to your house by installing these strikingly beautiful marble countertops. They have a presence that one cannot ignore and they will add a welcoming touch to any place, making everyone feel right at home.

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